TomoScope®XS X-ray Tomography Coordinate Measuring Machine is on the market!

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小尺寸高科技,TomoScope®XS X射线断层扫描坐标测量机上市!

In recent years, the development of computed tomography has focused on the development of high-resolution measurements of large parts and impenetrable substances. For this purpose, large and heavy coordinate measuring machines must be used. The X-ray tube produced two branches: the closed tube had to be replaced after two or three years; Open ray tubes must be serviced several times a year. This leads to frequent outages and high maintenance costs.

The TomoScope® XS is a small, high-tech machine. The new device type integrates many advantages of different types of devices and is unique. With the characteristics of small focal point and high power, the straight tube can achieve fast and high resolution measurement. The new X-ray tube combines the advantages of closed and open microfocus tubes. The straight plate design of X-ray tubes, generators and vacuum generators enables an open structure. The maintenance cycle is prolonged and the theory is to achieve a longer service cycle. Downtime and operational costs have been reduced. Tube voltage up to 130kV or optional 160kV, can be used to measure large and high density material parts. Through the air floating turntable, the parts can be positioned with high precision and the measurement error can be reduced.

Due to its compact design, reduced size and reduced weight, the TomoScope® XS can be placed in almost any location. Low acquisition and operating costs achieve rapid benefits. The future-oriented concept offers the possibility of upgrading to 160kV tube voltage and 80W power.

小尺寸高科技,TomoScope®XS X射线断层扫描坐标测量机上市!

TomoScope® XS combines many advantages of different types of devices and is unique.

Like all OF WERTH's CT devices, the TomoScope® XS captures images while reconstructing parts in 3D, enabling rapid synchronized progress measurements. Measurement software WinWerth® ensures the traceability of measurement results throughout the measurement process. WERTH is a DAkkS laboratory certification manufacturer for CT equipment calibration, ensuring the reliability and traceability of measurement results. Introduce compact and affordable equipment that meets precision standards. Quick returns and low maintenance costs make it possible to purchase TomoScope® XS with CT sensors in large quantities for measurement of different parts.

小尺寸高科技,TomoScope®XS X射线断层扫描坐标测量机上市!

CT sensors for a variety of applications, such as measurement in the manufacturing process