Wyler level helps China's shipbuilding industry sail to the world's "warehouse stone" Dalian heavy i

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Wyler level

Dalian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the 'warehouse stone' of China's shipbuilding industry sailing to the world

As a key component of marine engine, crankshaft is known as the 'heart' of marine diesel engine. Due to its heavy weight, high machining accuracy requirements and difficult manufacturing technology, the industry agrees that whether it has crankshaft manufacturing capacity represents the level of a country's shipbuilding industry to some extent.

Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Dalian heavy industry), after more than ten years of hard work, it has gradually reached the commanding height in the field of large crankshaft manufacturing. It is the only enterprise in China and the fourth enterprise in the world to master the production technology of super large butt type crankshaft and have the manufacturing capacity of super long stroke crankshaft with a rotation diameter of more than 4.5 meters. It has achieved a major breakthrough in the localization research and development of super large and super large crankshaft, which is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in China It has provided important support for China to become a shipbuilding power and has become the 'warehouse stone' for China's shipbuilding industry to sail to the world.

In February 2021, the crankshaft developed by Dalian heavy industry for the world's first new dual fuel VLCC has a total length of 12.5m, a rotation diameter of 4.43M and a weight of about 235 tons. The world's first 7x82df crankshaft was successfully delivered. Dalian heavy industry constantly optimizes the process and improves the processing capacity and quality control level. In this regard, the saddle level specially made by Wyler plays a vital role in the control of straightness error of hot assembly.

 WYLER水平仪助力  中国船业远航世界的“压仓石” 大连重工

Wyler's electronic level

Measuring range: 20mm / M

Resolution: 0.001mm/m or 0.2 arcsec

Measurement accuracy: 1% of current measurement value (minimum 1 digital display bit)

The measuring saddle adopts customized large V-shape to meet the horizontal measurement requirements of shaft parts