【 product application 】 werthct was used to detect the plants imported from Europe and America



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Tomoscope XS (160KV) X-ray tomography scanner helps domestic medical implants 'overtake in curve'.

A small implant nail condenses a complex manufacturing process, involving professional technologies such as design, materials, biology, medicine and so on.
Previously, European and American countries had a monopoly on technology, and the dental implants with imported brands of tens of thousands of yuan were unbearable to ordinary consumers. Then why are the implants of the same material so expensive imported abroad? Danqing technology will uncover the mystery for you, and European and American countries will strictly review the produced implants.
Accurate measurement of internal geometric features and implant thread edge damage and dislocation, and identification of internal foreign bodies and defects are very important for patients' tooth engagement. So what equipment can detect such fine workpieces?


【产品应用】进口种植牙钉为什么这么贵WERTH TOMOSCOPE XS 160KV


Measurement time :5 minute

Measurement software: winwerth measurement software

 Measurement process analysis

【产品应用】进口种植牙钉为什么这么贵Angle measurement and Simulation of actual installation results

【产品应用】进口种植牙钉为什么这么贵Repeatability of angle measurement: the maximum misalignment of the angle is measured for five times, and the measured results reach 0.0011 °, which is within the design requirements. It can be seen that the workpiece meets the standard

【产品应用】进口种植牙钉为什么这么贵The geometric tolerance of cone angle is given at the measured pole


Take out the section from the software and analyze the coaxiality on the section

Effect drawing of simulating installation hole in software


 WINWERTHProfessional measurement report issued by winwerth measurement software


Measurement advantage

1. Fast measurement speed, no anatomy, nondestructive fluoroscopy of the internal structure of medical implants such as dental nails

2. Composite material measurement, ROI amplification can be used for local regions of interest, with high resolution and high measurement efficiency

3. Batch inspection can be carried out and the inspection report shall be issued