Rapid measurement of surface roughness and roundness of gear shaft by scattered light



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Rapid measurement on production site


The surface roughness and roundness of gear shaft are quickly measured by scattered light. The bearing pedestal of gearbox shaft and engine shaft has higher requirements than roundness, roughness and waviness. In this regard, ripple causes noise generation and increases roughness, resulting in wear. Because the formation of these chatter marks is unpredictable during grinding, the test of nominal tolerances helps to avoid the installation of defective components in the transmission and engine. Scattered light measurement technology can also be used in harsh environments. 1-3 can be measured in 1 second μ The roundness in the range of M can be detected to have a roundness of 0.01-0.5 in this process μ M. An additional roughness measuring machine controls the grinder. If necessary, the entire surface can also be measured. Measurement report: use scattered light to quickly measure the surface roughness and roundness of gear shaft.