Typical application of wylerdynam in shipbuilding industry



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Typical application in shipbuilding industry

WYLERDYNAM  在船舶行业的典型应用

Wylerdynam software has successfully solved the needs of ship deck level measurement since it was put into use in ship system in 1996.

Wylerdynam software has the ability of multi-sensor synchronous measurement and differential data processing. Wyler quasi dynamic sensor cooperates with wylerdynam software to successfully complete difficult test tasks such as multi deck parallel measurement. The user can timely and accurately adjust the parallelism of the tested deck to the reference deck under various states to meet the requirements of on-site installation.

 WYLERDYNAM  在船舶行业的典型应用

In addition to the conventional data acquisition and differential measurement functions, the new wylerdynam software also adds the function of marine multi-directional inclination measurement, which can measure the horizontal inclination in multiple directions in the 0-360 degree plane (for example, measure the inclination in 12 directions, i.e. collect the measurement data every 30 °). The measurement results can also be expanded by curve, and the polar coordinates display the inclination angle direction.