Rapid measurement of projectile curve



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 Project case : Rapid measurement of projectile curve


 Measurement requirements:

1. Detection of the specified length of the projectile from the end face

2.  Projectile node spacing

3.  Cone angle of projectile joint

4.  Rapid batch measurement


 Clamping mode:

The three jaw chuck can be clamped and positioned quickly and accurately from the inner hole of the projectile body


 measuring method:

1. The contour figure of projectile can be quickly generated by software control

2. The axis can be corrected quickly by establishing the axis

3. Through the 'specify X-axis position diameter' function, calculate the diameters at different distances from the end face

4. Through the 'line and line intersection' function, the node position can be calculated


 Perfect report

1.Instant generation of standard reports
The report includes standard value, actual value, tolerance zone, deviation and whether it is qualified or not

2. The measurement data can also be directly generated into Excel files to facilitate our data storage and processing

 Use equipment :

Sylvac Scan 25