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Luo Luo's engine in the wide body aircraft engine market has increased from the early 1990s to today, and its market share has reached 45%. The installed number of engines is expected to reach 7450 by 2025.


In 2002, Luo Luo trent500 became the exclusive power of Airbus a340-500 / 600. In history, 131 a340-500 / 600 were delivered and 524 trent500 were produced. Subsequently, Trent 700 serving Airbus A330, Trent 800 serving Boeing 777 and Trent 900 serving Airbus A380 successively occupied the aviation engine market.


Ro Trent 900


In 2013, with the A350XWB put into commercial operation, the exclusive trentxwb engine nacelle shell printed with 'the most efficient large aircraft engine in the world', demonstrating the strength of Luo Luo engine in the industry.

Luo Luo authorizes its MRO to batch introduce the IMAP measurement system of RPI company in the UK



Jim Palmer, sales manager of RPI company in the UK, said: 'we have cooperated with Rolls Royce for more than 30 years. At its factories in Derby and Germany, RO Royce first installed IMAP system for measuring and assembling engine turbine rotor.

The IMAP system of RPI company in the UK has stable structure and simple operation. The multi-channel rotating body test can be realized with the data acquisition software Accuscan: each probe collects more than 4000 data points per revolution, and collects data on 8 planes at the same time per revolution, shortening the test cycle to two minutes; Compared with similar methods, this technology saves time and increases accuracy.

After component testing, Accuscan transmits data to stacking software to effectively guide the assembly process of multi-stage rotor and optimize the axis and balance of its adjacent components, so as to achieve the minimum runout or optimal geometric balance of finished rotor. This technology is very important to ensure the running quality of the engine, reduce vibration, improve fuel rate and increase maintenance interval.

Through the practical test of Luo Luo company, compared with the traditional measurement methods, the IMAP system effectively promotes the improvement of engine performance.

Subsequently, in order to accelerate its MRO business, Luo Luo engine authorized its MRO institutions to purchase IMAP systems in batches. Singapore, Hong Kong and Delta Airlines headquartered in Atlanta have successively configured a number of IMAP systems with the same performance.

Delta Airlines strictly implements the MRO process. After the engine is removed, the IMAP system is used to check whether each component of the engine has cracks, wear and deformation. Accuscan data is used to analyze whether the geometric parameters of the tested components meet the original design or regional specifications. Once the components are tested and confirmed, repaired or replaced, the IMAP system will transmit the new data to the engine assembly program intellistack to guide the reconstruction of rotor stack, so as to ensure the alignment of the center of mass of each rotor component, coaxial alignment and the best geometric balance to the greatest extent.

The practical application shows that the IMAP system can reduce the inspection time by 90%, and the test repeatability and reproducibility are ten times higher than the efficiency of manual measurement and data acquisition, which is highly praised by users.


Characteristics of rotor test and assembly system for IMAP engine

1. Rigid column unit

2. High precision air floating measurement cantilever

3. Multi channel data acquisition unit

4. Micron rotary measurement system

5. Anti vibration granite base

6. Accuscan multi-channel geometric detection software

7. Intellistack stacking software

Advantages of IMAP engine rotor test and assembly system

Specially designed for inspection and assembly of large and heavy components, it can be used in any workshop environment and maintain the measurement accuracy of standard laboratory.

With micron rotation accuracy, IMAP system can effectively help engine manufacturers understand the current situation of their processing technology.

With the unique algorithm, the test unit and stacking system are combined to perfectly solve the conflict between rotor assembly optimization and repeated disassembly cost.

The test speed is fast and the optimization cycle is short, which saves money and improves the assembly performance and reduces the maintenance time.