German CETA-CETatest 815 Twin leak tester
German CETA-CETatest 815 Twin leak tester
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德国CETA-CETATEST 815 Twin 型泄漏测试仪

德国CETA-CETATEST 815 Twin 型泄漏测试仪

The working principle The CETATEST 815 Twin differential pressure leak detector adopts a dual-channel synchronous operating system and is suitable for workpieces that can be tested with the same Settings to achieve specific adjustment of leak limits. Pressure attenuation in the volume of the test piece due to leakage compared to the pressure in the reference volume (differential pressure method)
Mode of operationDual channel synchronous operation, single channel mode
Signal processing

Fast 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion

Real-time processing of measurement signal process

The valve typeSeat valve
Process controlReal-time microcontroller system, 16 bit μC / 40 MHz
The sensorEach channel contains a differential pressure sensor and a relative pressure sensor
Measuring range± 500 Pa / ± 5.000 Pa (resolution: 1 Pa); Other ranges are subject to request
The unit displayPa, hPa, psi, Pa/s. hPa/s, mbar*l/s, ml/min, ml/h, l/min, l/h
Test pressure range

-1 bar, 200 mbar, 1 bar, 6 bar, 10 bar,

Negative gauge pressure and positive gauge pressure can be integrated (e.g. -1 bar / +1 bar), other as required

Test mode/test optionsPressure drop, pre-inflation, smooth inflation
System controlThe supply of compressed air is ensured by self-test controlled by differential pressure sensor
In case a test cycle breaks in one channel (for example, a significant leak), the test cycle continues in the other channel
Programmable test phaseDelay, pre-inflation, pre-discharge, inflation, stabilization, measurement, discharge
Test schema specific boundsPrecharge pressure, charge pressure, stable pressure (depending on firmware), test mode specific nonconformance and rework class
operationThe menu is intuitive and user rights are protected by password
Parameters of the stored64 separate alphabetical and numeric test program parameters can be imported and exported through test ports or USB storage devices
Additional featuresDetailed result statistics, cycle counter, maintenance interval display, counter, parameter change record, measurement times and curve record, programmable RS-232 interface
interfacesee table
Power supply and Consumption100 -- 240 V AC, 47 -- 63 Hz, 0.6 -- 0.3a Max. 60 W
Compressed air supply10 bar, 0.5 bar above test pressure, below emptying pressure 50 mbar (ISO 8573-1)
Pneumatic connection

Input (compressed air supply) : 6mm slide in connector

Test port: 6 x 1 mm connector

Pneumatic driven output (option)

sizeWidth: 345 mm, height: 145 mm (3U), Depth: 435 mm
weightabout 11 kg
The attachmentSpecial packaging, power cord, user manual, EC Compliance Statement, Calibration certificate, D-SUB plug with input/output cable (PLC communication)
DKD calibration certificateNew CETATEST 815 (Pressure range -1 to 17 bar, measuring range 500 Pa) with DKD certification (no extra charge)
The quality assurance period3 years, optionally extended to 5 years
Accessories (optional)Filter assemblies, standard leak holes, three-position two-way valves, RS-232/ LAN adapters, control and evaluation software and much more, refer to CETA accessories catalog for more components


functionDigital INPUT/Output (standard)The RS - 232 (standard)Process Fieldbus DP (option)Ethernet (option)
Program selectionXXXX
Device status/system failureXXXX
Assessment (pass/fail)XXX X
A parameterized
The measured results
Fault Details

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