German CETA-CETatest 815 HP-PR leakage tester
German CETA-CETatest 815 HP-PR leakage tester
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德国CETA-CETATEST 815 HP–PR 型泄漏测试仪 德国CETA-CETATEST 815 HP–PR 型泄漏测试仪

The working principle ofCETATEST 815 hp-pr leak detector can be used for leak detection under high pressure changes, using pressure rise test mode up to 300bar. This can be achieved by providing test pressures of up to 300bar on the primary loop to complete leak detection in the secondary loop.
Two-channel modeoptional
The valve typeSeat valve (main loop), slide valve (secondary loop)
Frequency controllerMultifunctional microcontroller system
Differential pressure sensorPiezoresistive differential pressure sensor (located in secondary loop)
Pressure sensorPiezoresistive relative pressure sensor (located in primary loop and secondary loop)
Measuring range± 400 Pa (resolution: 1 Pa), ± 4.000 Pa (resolution: 3 Pa) Other range as required
The unit displayPa, hPa, psi, Pa/s, hPa/s, mbar*l/s, ml/min, ml/h, l/min, l/h
Test modePressure increase pattern
Control systemDifferential pressure sensor control self check, relief valve
Mechanical control test pressureMain loop pressure: 300 bar
Secondary loop pressure: 100 mbar, other range as required
displayLCD (240 x 128 pixels)
Programmable test pressurePrimary loop and secondary loop pressure: target pressure, pressure limit value, delay time, filling time, stabilization time, measuring time, DP-limit value, empting time, nonconformity level, rework level
operationThe menu is intuitive and user rights are protected by password
Parameters of the stored64 test programs
Input data can be stored for up to 10 years without mains electricity
Storage controlFour-digit code (undoable)
Pass/fail counterEach program
Confirmation-resetThe swappable
evaluationConformity indicator light (green), fault indicator light (yellow), Nonconformity indicator light (red)
sizeWidth: 345 mm, height: 145 mm (3 RU), Depth: 435 mm
interfaceSee table
Power supply and Consumption100 – 240 V AC, 47 – 63 Hz, 0.6 – 0.3 A Max60 W (CETATEST 815)
Compressed air supply6-10 bar, higher than test pressure 0.5 bar (ISO 8573-1)
Pneumatic connection

Input (compressed air supply) : Inner hole connector - od - ø 6 mm

High pressure input and output: casing connector - od - ø 6 mm

weightApproximately 23 kg (single channel version), approximately 33 kg (dual channel version)
The attachmentSpecial packaging, power cord, User manual, EC Compliance Statement, Calibration certificate, D-sub plug including input/output cable (PLC-communication)


functionDigital INPUT/Output (standard)The RS - 232 (standard)Process Fieldbus DP (option)Ethernet (option)
Program selectionXXXX
Device status/system failureXXXX
Assessment (pass/fail)XXXX
A parameterized
The measured results
Fault Details

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